The Best Thing

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If I had all his money I would throw all of mine in the trash can…

Time out…

This is my 7 year old daughter and her friend… The other day they had me so mad, I put them in time out… Time out really doesn’t work though…  Because as soon as I let them play again… The were doing the same thing that got them put in time out to began with… So again, I told my 7 year old the one in the yellow dress you are both going to be in time out again… She said, we don’t care and she laughed… So I got up, told my wife, I am in time out an I went to my room… Never mind time out really does work… I feel better…Franks pics 003

Alexa Traffic Rank




First an foremost I only recommend sites that have a good ranking with Alexa… What good does it do you if their ranking or in the millions… Your traffic will be very low… Then I look for sites with at least 300 to four hundred or more sites linked in… This site wp blogs has   


Sites Linking In
Word Press Ranking Globally  23
United States 25
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